3 Touching Ways to Personalize Pet Memorial Stones

As you begin to plan the memorial for a beloved, departed pet, you may wonder how to truly honor the spirit and love that they brought into your home. A classic option is the pet memorial stone. These beautiful, natural memorials are a personalized way to remember your sweet companion for years after their passing. One of the best aspects of these stones are that they are highly personalizable! If you’re wondering how to customize the memorial, check out this list of 3 options:


  1. A Pet Portrait

Pet memorial stones can be personalized with a charming engraving of a pet’s portrait. Whether you want to capture Snowball’s sleek snobbiness or Daisy’s delightful dilly-dallying, pet memorial stones can capture precious moments in the form of engraved portraits. If you ever find yourself missing the sweet face of your buddy, simply spending time near their place of rest can bring comfort and allow you to see them exactly as you remember them- healthy, happy, and playful.


  1. A Unique Material

The material that your memorial stone is made of can be as unique and delightful as the days that you spent with your dear companion. Riverstones work for a more rugged, natural look and carry the significance of having been shaped and smoothed by the elements it existed in. These are a perfect choice for a pup who loved to frolic outdoors. If you’re looking for something a little more elegant, the deep, rich colors of granites and marbles are perfect for the pampered kitten who prefered lazy days in a bay window. No matter what personality your pet had, a memorial stone can express every facet.


  1. A Sweet Saying

Though all pets are deeply loved by their families, there is often one member who felt a very special connection. You may ask these members to share a special saying or nickname that they had for the departed friend. These can be engraved into the pet memorial stone as a reminder of the incredible bond between animals and the humans that adore them. These sayings, such as “You left footprints on my heart,” or, “You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye,” can bring great comfort to those who are grieving. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our posts on quotes about dogs and quotes about cats

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