The smoothness of a river stone is ideal for pet grave markers.

The Big 3 Design Concepts of Pet Grave Markers

Creating pet grave markers for a departed friend is a task that can seem almost impossible. Proper preparation allows you the time and space to heal, instead of forcing you to stress about the logistics of planning the memorial service.



There are more materials than you can imagine that can be crafted into a pet grave marker. If you’re on a budget, consider riverstones. These smooth, grey stones can be engraved with short phrases, icons, or names and make a beautiful addition to a backyard or home garden, if you choose to do a home burial. If you’re opting for funeral services at a pet cemetery, the classic marble or granite stones will last ages. For a really special marker, some people are opting for rose quartz or quartzite. These strikingly beautiful pieces will not weather, as they are impervious to water damage. 



In terms of the engraving, pet grave markers are sandblasted with the words that you choose. Commonly, this includes the name of the departed friend, as well as their life dates and a short phrase or saying. It is also typical to see images or portraits of the beloved pet. Setting up a consultation with an expert engraver can help you create the perfect memorial. If you need help finding phrases that express your love for your pet, check out our post on quotes about losing a beloved pet



Your final preparations should be assuring that the space you’d like to keep the marker is appropriate. Check with local pet cemeteries to make sure that they have space available for your burial and pet grave marker. If you’re doing a home burial, till and prepare the ground for the placement, to assure it is sturdy and safe. Be sure to check with your local lawmakers to assure that pet burial is legal in the space that you’re considering. 
It can be very difficult to think about memorializing your pet. They were a beloved part of your family and putting them to rest can be emotionally challenging. But, with proper preparation, you can create a pet grave marker that expresses the love and happiness that they brought to your home.