How Canvas Pet Portraits are Made

How Canvas Pet Portraits are Made

Canvas pet portraits make a beautiful gift for any pet-owner who would like their beloved companion immortalized forever as a work of art. If you’re wondering how these delightful gifts are made, look no further. Today, we’re exploring the process of creating canvas portraits.

While the original process of printing pet portraits on canvas was complicated and required the proper mixing of chemicals, modern canvas pet portraits can be easily made with a laser-jet printer. While it’s not recommended that you try it at home, modern canvas printing allows beautiful portraits to be made in a matter of minutes.


The process begins with a large roll of white cotton canvas. This allows for the printer to print the exact colors that are represented in the picture. That means that your golden lab’s fur will be shimmery and light and your mysterious black cat’s pink nose will pop with life-like accuracy.


The canvas is fed directly into the printer, where the portrait is slowly printed. If you thought that your home printer took forever, imagine waiting on a canvas portrait! It’s for a good reason, though. The slow-printing process assures that the quality is top-notch.

Next, the newly printed portrait is cut to size and glued or stapled to the wooden frame of the canvas. Often, parts of the photo are allowed to bleed over into the side parts, as this allows for a 3-D effect to happen. Customers can often choose if they would like for their canvas pet portrait to include a bleed. It really is only limited by the buyer’s imagination.

The Final Process

Once your canvas pet portrait is done printing, it is gently packaged and sent to you.

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