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Caring for Pets During Holiday Travel

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is swiftly coming upon us, with only a few days left until Christmas.  Friends, family, and loved ones will be traveling all over the country, with and without their beloved pets. Whether you opt to kennel them or want to take them on the road, there are certain precautions that you should take before you begin your winter journeys. Holiday travel can be fun, if pets are well cared for!

If you’re leaving your pets home, you’re likely using a kennel service. Start by asking your vet who they recommend for kenneling services, as they’ll likely know more about¬†pet services in the area than almost anyone else. You should also take a brief tour of the facility. There should be large spaces and lots of stimulating toys, as well as little-to-no odor. You should also be sure that your kenneling service offers what your pet needs. For example, some kennels don’t include play time activities in their basic package. If that’s the case, include some toys in your doggy’s bag and make it clear to the staff whether or not you’re comfortable allowing other animals to play with them.

For those bringing their pets along for their holiday travel, road safety and comfort is a major priority. Before you hit the road for a long trip, you need to be prepared to meet all of your pets needs. Plan pit stops where pets can get out and stretch their legs. Even the most stubborn pet won’t mind a leash and harness if they’ve been cooped up for hours in your vehicle. Make sure that you also have access to fresh water and their food, though be cautious, as the more water they drink, the more you’ll have to stop for bathroom breaks. If you can manage it, always have someone in the backseat with your pet, to assure that they are safe and content.