Custom Pet Portrait: The Perfect Gift

It can be terrible trying to shop for the person who has everything. Whether it’s the eccentric aunt who already has all of the dolphin figurines she could ever need or your father-in-law who should take out stock in ties, gifts can be a tricky challenge once you’ve run out of ideas. But, imagine the look on the recipient’s face when you present them with a custom pet portrait. Whether it’s painted on canvas or a professionally posed photo, young and old alike are sure to cherish the gift for innumerable years.

Custom Pet Portrait: The Gift of a Lifetime

Why is a custom pet portrait the perfect gift? Because people love to have evidence of their favorite moments in life, many of which are shared with beloved pets. Just as we love to carry around photos of our children or our grandchildren, a treasured photograph of an animal companion gives us joy and reminds us that they are always in our hearts.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

One of the best ways to capture the personality of anyone is through a photograph. Because we can take so many of them in a short span of time, we can capture the ways that animals interact with their environment, whether that’s with an air of sass or the eagerness of a toddler. Commissioning a custom pet portrait will perfectly render the personality of a pet into a long-lasting memory. Sadly, humans outlive their animal friends, but a custom pet portrait will always remind owners of the fun that was had when the beloved companion was still around.

Silly or Serious?

The best part of custom pet portraits is the custom part! There are thousands of ways that artists can incorporate customization into a pet portrait. Start with the simple stuff, like whether mahogany or oak framing would match your decor, and then move onto the fun stuff! You could use props, such as hats or toys, and have them photographed or painted with the  pet. Even more silly is asking a commissioned artist to pose the pet like the gift-recipient’s favorite celebrity. A painting of their dog dressed up like Prince will bring laughs and always remind friends and family of the way Fido used to try to howl along when “Kiss” came on the radio. No matter what you want your gifted pet portrait to look like, there are options and artists who are willing to meet your needs.