Creating Your Own Pet Memorial Garden Stone

If you find comfort in occupying your mind with craft projects during times of emotional turmoil, such as the pain following the loss of a pet, you can try creating your own pet memorial garden stone. With a few, easy-to-find materials and some creative flair, you can craft a beautiful stone that will keep your companion in your heart for years to come.


  • Quick setting concrete
  • A mould, such as a disposable plastic or aluminum pie tin
  • Chicken wire (for stability)
  • Decorative accents, such as mosaic glass or stones
  • Acrylic paints
  • Popsicle sticks or a similar writing utensil
  • A bucket for mixing the concrete
  • Protective gloss or glaze

How to Create Your Custom Pet Memorial Garden Stone:

  1. Begin by mixing your quick setting concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions in a bucket. Assure that your concrete is thick enough that the decorations won’t sink to the bottom and that it will keep the shape of your letters, if you choose to write anything in the stone.
  2. Carefully pour or scoop concrete into your mould, up to about an inch.
  3. Cut the chicken wire to the size of the mould. Lay the piece of chicken wire in the concrete.
  4. Pour or scoop an additional inch of concrete into the mould.
  5. Decorate according to your design:
    • If using mosaic glass, which you can find at a craft store, lay out your design before mixing the concrete. This will make it easier to assure you have the perfect image before you begin the process of creating your custom pet memorial garden stone.
    • Other options could include writing your pet’s name in the concrete using a wooden paint stirrer or popsicle stick. Make sure that your letters are wide enough to be painted once the concrete is dry. Decorate the stone with small rocks or beads.
    • Draw paw prints or designs in your stone.
  6. Allow the concrete to set, according to manufacturer recommendations. Cut the mould away from your beautiful pet memorial stone.
  7. Paint in the letters using acrylic paints.
  8. Before placing your stone in your garden, spray or paint with a protective coating. This will help your stone stay as beautiful as the day you made it.