Unexpected Dog Memorial Stone Decorations

Why Create Your Own Dog Memorial Stone?

If you’re a crafty pet owner, creating a dog memorial stone after your beloved pup passes away may bring you comfort. Working with your hands and flexing your creative muscles may be the perfect comfort in your grief and allow you to honor a treasured family member in the process.

Colorful Beads

If your life with your pet was colorful, consider pressing delicate and vibrant beads into a homemade dog memorial stone. Most pet plaques are monochromatic, but a burst of kaleidoscopic color can brighten up a memorial stone and express the unique relationship that you shared with your pet. Choosing glass or metal instead of plastic can assure that your stone brings comfort for years and creates a stunning complement to an outdoor memorial.

Paw Print Castings

If you’re lucky enough to have a mold of your cherished canine’s paw print, you can imprint it on your handcrafted dog memorial stone. Not only will it be a more personalized approach to the memorial, but it will also bring comfort when you can rest your hand on the print and remember your darling pup.

Bronzed Mementos

Bronzing isn’t just for baby shoes. Bronzing a keepsake assures that it lasts much longer and allows it to be displayed outside. If you do your research, experts can catch every detail of a collar and tag. These make a beautiful addition to a handmade memorial and preserve a friendship that will never be forgotten.

Mosaic Tiles

It can be cathartic to arrange delicate pieces of glass and porcelain into an image of your precious pet. Walking through the process of drafting and arranging is challenging, but the final product represents a bond that will never be broken. A mosaic dog memorial stone is a precious final gift to a family member that will be in your heart forever.