Posing with Pups: Four Fun Props to Use in Dog Portraits

Dog portraits are a fun and memorable way to capture the joy that Fido brings you. If your pup has the patience, incorporating silly props can make a wonderful memory even better. Here are 5 ideas for whacky portrait props.

A Hilarious Hat

If Spot is willing, a ridiculous hat might be just the thing to make your dog portrait more memorable. Whether it’s a Santa hat for the holidays or a cowboy hat because Rex loves chasing cows, you can find a chapeau for any occasion. Using a hat that has a string or tie may make it easier to keep the hat on your dog’s head long enough for the photographer to get the perfect shot.

A Plush Pillow

Is your pampered pup more likely to be found snoozing in the sun than out in the fresh air? Bringing in Fifi’s bed might be the key to the perfect dog portrait. Not only will she feel more comfortable on her favorite nap space, but it will always be a reminder of her posh demeanor.

A Cozy Counterpart

Nothing could be cuter than letting your pup snuggle with a stuffed likeness of themselves in their dog portraits. It can be rather easier to get a likeness if Rover is a specific breed,  such as German Shepherd or Pug, but there are resources online that allow you to commission a lovable duplicate.

A Treasured Toy

Does Buddy have a favorite ball? Does Daisy love a certain doll in particular? During the sitting for a dog portrait, having a comfort, such as your pup’s favorite toy, can make the process easier. It will also always be a reminder of how much your pet cherished a beloved trinket. Pups will be more likely to posture and pose when they get to share in the experience with their favorite object.