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Four Considerations For Pet Burial

Pet burials are as old as pet domestication. Native American cemeteries have been found in which the dogs of those who have died are laid to rest beside them. In ancient Egypt, cats were mummified and placed in the same tombs as their owners. Nowadays, pet burials are more regulated. Here are 4 considerations to have when dealing with the burial of a pet.


When deciding whether to lay your pet to rest at home or in a designated cemetery, it is important to look at the regulations for your particular area. In most cases, home burials are legal in rural and suburban areas. Even then, burials must be done at least 3 feet deep, as wild animals may be attracted to the scent. Wild animals can be dangerous to residents of the area. In almost all cases, a home burial must be done on one’s own land. No matter how unused land may seem, if you do not own the land, the burial would be considered trespassing.

Planning Ahead

Though it can be difficult to think about, and may even feel morbid, it is important to plan for a pet’s death before it happens. If you are not in the position to bury your pet on your own, you may want to start saving for cemetery spots now. These spaces can be expensive, especially in urban areas. Making plans now, when your pet is still there to comfort you, can ease the grieving process, as you will not be required to make elaborate plans in the middle of one of the most difficult times in life.

Using Proper Materials

When you are burying a pet at home, be considerate of the earth. Refrain from using anything that is not biodegradable, which includes most plastics. Instead, opt for textiles, paper, or wood. Some options include cardboard, towels, blankets, and for small pets, wooden boxes.


Headstones and markers for pets are highly customizable and provide your family with the perfect spot to mourn and celebrate the life of your beloved companion. If it’s in your own backyard, consider a garden stone or small placard. Planting a tree in the spot where your pet was laid to rest creates a beautiful area for reflection. For cemetery burials, memorializing your pet can be done with delicate headstones, complete with the departed’s name and even an etched photo.