Gift Ideas for Pet Owners Who Love the Unique and Interesting

Gift Ideas for Pet Owners Who Love the Unique and Interesting

For those who like getting their gifts a little on the unique side,¬†choosing the perfect presents for friends who love their pets can be challenging. If you’re in pursuit of funny, interesting, and special gift ideas for pet owners, here are 6 unique products:

Customized Treat Jars

If you have a vinyl cutter at home, you can customize a large, clear cookie jar with any number of interesting words and images. From the pet’s name to an image of the breed, the only limit with this gift is your access to materials and your imagination!

Embroidered Pet Bed

A comfy pet bed is going to come in handy as the chill of Autumn comes through. A beautifully embroidered and monogrammed pet bed can keep even the sharpest chill at bay and the owner will love the customization.

Custom T-Shirts

Your local photo center can likely help you print up t-shirts with whatever pet photo you’d like on them. If you’re feeling particularly silly, you could even get one made for the pet with the owner’s face on it. Twinning!

Scrapbook Set

For the pet owner who loves DIY, set them up with a pet scrap-booking kit. It saves you the effort of setting up the scrapbook for them, and they’ll love exploring all the bits and bobbles that you’ve packed in for them to begin their scrap-booking journey. This gift is also great because it gives you ideas for future gift-giving- extra materials, gift cards to craft stores, and the like.

Engraved Necklace

For that extra special someone, a paw-shaped necklace engraved with the initials of their beloved pet is a great gift idea for pet owners. These can even be inlaid with precious or semi-precious gemstones, for a gift that is both gorgeous and sentimental.

Pet Portrait

Pet portraits make the perfect gift for any pet owner. All you need is a photo of the pet and a company like Pet Eternal to turn it into something special. Whether it’s the centerpiece of the den or hangs in the living room, a pet portrait lets pet owners know you care.