Halloween Pet Safety Tips: Stay Safe, Not Spooked!

The nights are getting colder and the costumes are getting cuter!┬áIn preparation for the Halloween season, it’s easy to get excited for all of the adorable decorations and precious costumes that your pet could don on this spooky night. Pets can be vulnerable on Halloween, though. Halloween pet safety is easy, if you take a few precautionary steps.

Trick-or-treaters that come knocking can easily excite your pet. Keep them away from the front door to avoid an escape trick! It’s very tempting to slip out while pet parents are handing out candy and with more people than usual on the streets, safety is a major concern.

While pets enjoy some human food, when prepared properly, candy is simply not good for your pets. Keep bowls and dishes out of reach, as too much sugar can cause more than a bellyache. The sugars and fats in candy can cause serious pancreas issues down the line. If your dog gets into milk chocolate, you may need to visit an emergency vet. Any more than 1 ounce per pound of weight is toxic to dogs and can cause seizures. Dark chocolate is even more dangerous. Be aware of where the candy is at all times.

Most importantly, remember that not every costume is appropriate for your pet. Make sure that they are comfortable with what they are wearing and that they can move and breathe. If your dog or cat spends a long time trying to get the costume off, they are probably not comfortable wearing it. A couple of pictures is not worth the distress that your companion may feel by being placed in unfamiliar outfits. Try a couple out before you settle on the one that keeps your pet happy.

Pet Eternal wants every pet owner to practice smart Halloween pet safety, so you can enjoy their love for years to come.

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