Holiday Projects as Pet Memorials: 3 Ideas to DIY

Holiday Projects as Pet Memorials: 3 Ideas to DIY

The holidays can be particularly difficult for pet parents who have recently lost a beloved furry friend. Their passing doesn’t mean that they can’t still be a part of the season, though. Holiday pet memorials can be a lovely reminder of your friendship.

Create a Special Ornament

If a Christmas tree is part of your tradition, you can easily create a bauble or ornament that commemorates a four-legged companion. The material possibilities are endless! If you’re crafty, pick up some polymer clay and sculpt a small likeness. You could also watercolor and laminate a portrait to hang. For those who are less art-inclined, it can be as simple as purchasing a clear, plastic ornament and writing your pet’s name and life dates. It will look lovely amongst the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree.

Make Them a Part of Your Slide Show

Many families create slideshows to play over the course of the holiday season, as part of their winter display. Whether you choose to run it through your smart TV, your computer screensaver, or a digital photo frame, a family slide show can be a lovely reminder of the love that was shared between you and your pet. These images can be artfully edited and designed before they are included!

Display Their Portrait

Share the love and joy that you experienced as a pet owner with your family and friends. Pet Eternal’s pet memorials make a beautiful addition to any existing decor and would fit well in the living room or den. There, you can feel your pet’s presence as one of the family and share stories with loved ones about all of the fun times that were shared.

Pet Eternal is passionate about creating custom pet portrait memorials. Contact us for a quote before the holiday season gets into full swing!