When a Pet Loss is Experienced Around the Holidays

Winter ushers in time for family, reasons to get cozy, and many pleasant memories. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of loss and devastation. When a pet loss occurs during the holiday season, the toll taken on the heart can be more sharply felt than any other time of year.

You may feel that you are under an obligation to celebrate and be merry, as other people around you are doing. This isn’t the case. You are allowed to grieve. You are allowed to mourn, cry, scream, and feel the loss. While your family and friends may not understand what you’re feeling, that doesn’t mean that what you’re feeling isn’t valid.

Pet loss near the holidays, especially an unexpected one, can also mean that you have signed up for and committed to obligations that you no longer wish to participate in. Be clear about what you’re going through and explain to others that you’re not really up for these events. Ask others around you to help share the load. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet with be empathetic to your grief.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t be afraid to reflect back on the feelings and moments that you shared with your pet. One of most excellent ways to heal to be grateful for the times that you shared and committing to keeping their memory alive in your heart and in your home.

A beautiful way to keep them alive in your home is sharing their image with everyone who has the pleasure of visiting. A canvas pet portrait, framed and hung in a common area, allows those who were able to spend time with you and your pet the chance to reminisce with you about all of the lovely times that were shared during your pet’s stay on earth.