Custom Pet Headstone: A DIY Project

Custom Pet Headstone: A DIY Project

While mourning the loss of your pet is a devastating experience, some may find comfort in hands-on activities, such as crafting. Creating a pet headstone is an excellent way to create a lasting memorial right in your own backyard. If you’re interested in creating a custom pet headstone for your beloved animal friend, here’s a great way to try it from home:


  • A bag of mortar
  • A mold, such as a disposable pan or cardboard box
  • Stone stamps, available at craft stores and online retailers
  • A drywall scraper or spatula for smoothing the mortar
  • A paint-stirrer
  • A bucket for mixing

Before you start, be aware that mortar dries quickly. Lay out all of your materials beforehand and be prepared to finish the project in one sitting. Be sure to set your stamps out in order.


  1. Mix your mortar according to package instructions. You should always prepare more than you will need, not less. You won’t know if you have enough until the mortar is in the mold and it will begin to cure while you are mixing your next batch.
  2. Stir the mortar well, scraping the bottom well. Once it’s ready, it will be thick and mud-like.
  3. Pour in the mold and spread smooth with your drywall scraper. Spread all the way into the corners, creating a smooth, even surface.
  4. Using your stamps and any other design tools, create your design. Press the stamps into the mortar and carefully remove. If you want to press in stones or draw designs with a tool, this is the time. You can also press a plastic-protected photo of your pet into the mortar.
  5. Allow your mortar to dry. The drying time will depend on the specifications of the brand of mortar you purchased.
  6. Once it is completely dry, cut your mold away from your brand new pet headstone.

If you’re not into DIY projects, let Pet Eternal create a beautiful custom memorial for your pet. These canvas prints are a timeless piece that will make an excellent addition to any home.