Pet Jewelry Memorial Gifts: Trendy and Timeless

Pet Jewelry Memorial Gifts: Trendy and Timeless

While any gift that involves a cherished pet is an excellent gift for animal lovers, pet jewelry memorial gifts are one of the most timeless ways to preserve the love shared between pets and their owners. There are many options to customize and create pet jewelry, and starting now will assure that you’re just in time for the holidays!

One of the newest trends are laser-etched pendent necklaces. These are very special, as the front is an image of that specific pet and the back can be etched with a loving message commemorating the pet. That means that the necklace won’t just be any Siamese cat or Golden Retriever. The necklace will be an image of your specific friend, down to their spots and stripes.

Another great way to commemorate pets with jewelry is by creating etched bracelets. These work well for men and women who love classic, simple jewelry. These are typically chains with a silver plate that can be customized with names, dates, or phrases that are pertinent to the life of that pet.

Key chains, while not typically considered jewelry, are one of the most versatile ways to memorialize pets. For those who are crafty, a simple charm made from polymer or air-dry clay on a key chain clasp is a personal reminder that you understand the love shared between the owner and the pet. Other options could be photo frame key chains that contain images of the pet, a key chain with a representation of the breed, or even a small paw print. These simple reminders are a great way to show your friends and family that their pets will always be in your hearts.

If pet memorial jewelry gifts aren’t your style, a beautiful canvas pet portrait is a great alternative. Contact Pet Eternal today to start a consultation.