Your Pet Painting Doesn’t Have to be Plain!

Your Pet Painting Doesn’t Have to be Plain!

If you’re curious about commissioning an adorable pet painting, but want it to show just as much personality as your pet has, rest easy! Your pet painting can be as wacky and unique as the love between you and your pet. Whether you’re looking for a classic style or something a little more funky, finding the right artist means getting the perfect painting.

For example, you could ask for a pop-art style painting. Instead of one large portrait, pop-art often incorporates multiple prints of the same thing rendered in different colors. Think Andy Warhol and the soup can!

If you’re going for something a bit more classical, you might opt for an oil painting. Oil paints lend a beautiful texture to any pet painting and the outcome will be reminiscent of the kinds of portraits one would see in fairy tales. These pair perfectly with an ornate frame.

Pet owners seeking something silly can even commission their pets wearing outfits or hats that we don’t typically see on pets. If your small French bulldog acts like he runs the show, a Napoleon getup would be perfect. If you have a mastiff who loves to be lazy, pajamas and a nightcap would certainly express his unique character. Whether it’s a tabby with a tartan sweater or a Siamese with a swirling skirt, pet artists are capable of providing exactly what you want from your pet painting.

Of course, pet paintings can be a little more expensive than a classic pet portrait. If you’re looking for something more in your budget, a beautiful, canvas-print of your favorite four-legged friend is a wonderful substitute for a more expensive painting. Pet Eternal provides just that. If you’re interested in memorializing your favorite pet in portraiture, give us a call!