Summers and the Pet Memorial Stone

The Pet Memorial Stone

Summer is the perfect season to spend some time in your garden or yard, enjoying time with your family and friends. If you already have a pet memorial stone, you can integrate it into your summer activities, if you’re ever needing quiet time to reflect on all of the amazing times that you’ve spent with a deceased pet.


Have a family picnic near the area where the pet memorial stone rests. Lay out your favorite outdoors blanket and enjoy a family meal. Share memories of your beloved pet, flip through photos, or simply enjoy some peaceful time in the great outdoors. You’ll find yourself smiling, even if you’re still mourning your loss. Your pet is sure to look down on you from the Rainbow Bridge and smile.


Plant some beautiful summer flowers around your memorial. Great picks for summer blooms include daisies, dahlias, and marigolds, which attract butterflies. There are so many beautiful options available. If its your first time gardening, visit your local outdoors or home improvement store for more information on what grows best in your area. By next year, you may have a beautiful memorial garden, with a pet memorial stone centerpiece. Gardening also has the added benefit of being a productive way to distract yourself from mourning the loss of a beloved pet, and it creates something beautiful from your grief.


Make use of the perfect weather and set the kids up with a project. Provide them with crayons, paints, markers, and rocks, and let them create a totally creative rock garden to accompany your pet memorial stone. One project idea is heat stones in the oven and carefully draw on them with old crayons. The warmth melts the wax and creates a watercolor-esque creation. Seal with art spray and place outside to accompany your beloved companion’s memorial stone.