Planning a Thanksgiving Feast? Be Careful What You Feed Your Pets!

The stuffing is baking and the turkey is brined- no one can deny this delicious time of year! Even your pets get excited. Family coming over means more hands for petting, more faces for licking, and more snacks getting dropped in their bowl. But, many foods that we love to enjoy on this holiday are dangerous for dogs. Be careful what you plan to feed your pets that day and don’t allow guests to give out table scraps.

One of the biggest dangers is turkey. This meat contains a lot of fat, which can be difficult for pets to digest. It can lead to a painful condition called pancreatitis, in which your pets pancreas becomes inflamed due to the sudden introduction of overly-fatty foods. While a little nibble of lean meat won’t due much harm, any more than that can land you in the vet’s office. Even the bones of the turkey, which may seem like the perfect treat for Fido, can be very brittle after cooking and could splinter.

Another danger is anything with dairy in it. Animals become lactose intolerant once they are weaned from their mother and anything with dairy in it could cause digestion distress.

Grapes, raisins, and fruit seedsĀ are particularly dangerous and can cause liver failure if consumed by dogs. Be sure that snacks stay on the table and that food trash stays out of harm’s way. While the cyanide in apple seeds isn’t enough to hurt a human, a dog’s body can’t process even the microscopic amount present. Feed your pets foods that you know are safe for their consumption.

If you still want to show your pup some love on Thanksgiving day, look for specialty turkey-flavored foods in your supermarket’s pet aisle. Whether it’s a thematic toy or special bone chew, your pet won’t know the difference. THey’ll just be grateful to spend the day celebrating with you and the people you love.

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