Unique Dog Memorials for Beloved Friends

Unique Dog Memorials for Beloved Friends

Sometimes, simple just doesn’t cut it. Memorializing a beloved pet can go far beyond the obvious. Check out some of these unique dog memorials that might just fit into your idea of remembering your frisky Fido:

Memorial Tattoos

If you love getting inked, a dog memorial tattoo might be the perfect tribute to Spot. Just as tattoo lovers can be seen with memorial pieces for lost loved ones, dog memorials can be an excellent subject for this unique canvas. The best part of this memorial is that your creativity combines with whichever talented artist you choose. If you do your research to find a reputable artist, you’ll walk away with a beautiful piece of art that keeps your beloved dog close at all times.


Charm Bracelet

Customizable charm bracelets have always been the envy of every young lady, ever since their wave of popularity began in the 1940s. This popularity has continued, as speciality stores have opened offering unique and stunning charms. If you love jewelry and the finer things in life, a memorial bracelet or charm can be a striking addition to your daily wear. Whether you incorporate your dog-specific charms to a pre-existing bracelet or begin a whole new one that is particularly meaningful, you can’t go wrong with so many options, including hearts, paw prints, and dog silhouettes.

Cremation Necklace

If you want to keep Fluffy close to your heart, cremation necklaces can do so in a literal sense. These beautiful pieces can be found in any number of shapes and sizes, from the classic sterling silver tear drop to a beautiful piece of blown glass. No matter what your aesthetic, you’ll find a touching piece of jewelry that will keep a small piece of the love you had for your pet near to you forever.

If you’re looking to keep your dog memorial a little more traditional, try one of our gorgeous canvas portraits. These stunning pieces are backed by a money-back guarantee and include all the extras that other companies charge more for, including editing and retouching.