Your Pet Memorial Stones are Important for Healing

As pet owners, we have all experienced others who do not understand how it feels to deeply love our pets. They may question our mourning period or wonder why we are spending money on pet memorial stones. Of course, you owe no explanation to these people. You are allowed to feel however you feel, without the pressure of explaining yourself. In fact, the Holmes and Race stress scale, which gives values to stressful events and helps gauge the amount of stress that a person is under, ranks losing a close family member at 63/100, on par with the stress of imprisonment or marital separation. If your pet was truly a part of your family, then the death of that pet can severely impact your life.

Often, people who are critical of pet owners comment on the money spent on memorial items such as pet memorial stones, but just as a headstone for a lost family member is important, so is a memorial stone for a lost pet. Memorial stones are the living’s way of saying, “I remember you, and so does everyone who encounters your final resting place.” It gives a tangible place to grieve when the concept of death can seem so intangible. Pet memorial stones are not money wasted or an extra expense- They are an anchor to the love that you shared with a family member.

Pet owners can agree that losing a pet is as stressful event as many other events in our lives. Pet memorial stones are a way for pet owners to memorialize and connect with a loved one in a way that would not be as special without a tangible object. Pet owners should not have to answer for their love of their pet- Instead, they should be supported and encouraged to mourn to their content, until they find that they can move on from the event.